Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coconut Scream

WAITER: Is there anything else I can get you, sir?

MAN: What are your desserts?

WAITER: We have blueberry cheesecake, chocolate volcano, monster pie, apple…

MAN: Whoa, whoa. How’s the monster pie?

WAITER: It’s delicious!

MAN: There aren’t any monsters in it, are there?

WAITER: Well, there are some monsters, yes.

MAN: Yikes. Are they scary?

WAITER: Yes, they can be scary.

MAN: Are the monsters still alive!!??

WAITER: Yes, and many of them are quite angry that they’re in a pie.

MAN: Hmmm…and the other monsters?

WAITER: The others are mostly just confused.

MAN: Can I get it without the monsters?

WAITER: Not really. It’s monster pie.

MAN: Okay. Well, give me a slice but tell the chef to go easy on the monsters.

WAITER: (writing) Suuuurre. (walks away, shaking head)

1 comment:

Leigh said...

I hate it when you commit a faux-pas at a restaurant, and the server's all, "okaaaaaaaaay", like when I wanted an americano with milk... the girl's like, "you know it's an americano, right?" It just so happens that I did.
So it's like exactly the same thing. I was like, "man," I feel your pain. I wouldn't know how to order monster pie either.