Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hitler On Twitter


@goebels Way to not show up for the Czechoslovakia invasion.  check your facebook wall once in a while.
about 21 hours ago via web in reply to goebels


Can't get enough of Wagner!!!
2:27 AM March 21 via web


Just gave great speech at the Rhine.  Pretty sure someone yelled out "Shitler".
9:43 PM March 19 via web

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Ambitions II

I have this secret wish and that is to have a piece of melon that wields so much power that I can go up to a large crowd of people and say, "Bow down and worship my melon" and they do!  This may sound silly to you, but the truth is, you will die someday.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Ambitions

I think that it is important to have your dreams.  My dream is finally going back to university to finish my undergraduate degree in Biophysics.  On graduation day, my parents will watch with admiration as I pick up my diploma from the Dean whose hand I will shake firmly and politely.  I will think, this is a moment that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.  But then I will look down and be horrified because I forgot my pants.  Where are my pants!!!??  I have that dream almost every night.  The scary part, though, is when I wake up from this dream and I look down and I'm STILL not wearing pants.  What the???

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Giant Leap

NASA: Mr. Wilson, meet the men that will be travelling on the first ever space mission to the moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

WILSON: Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to meet you. As far as I’m concerned you are doing this country a tremendous service in taking part in what is surely to be either one of the most momentous moments in human history or the most tragic catastrophe ever to be witnessed on television.

Armstrong and Aldrin look at each other.

WILSON: Gentlemen, as the President of the insurance company that insures the life of all NASA employees, I have a few standard rudimentary questions for you. (looks down at sheet) First, are you familiar with all 48 policies in the NASA spacecraft safety act and would you be able to state them all if asked?

BOTH: Yes.

WILSON: When taking the spacecraft to the moon, will you refrain from horseplay such as towel snapping, chasing, and replacing the Tang with your own urine?

BOTH: Yes.

WILSON: Do you plan to wear your space helmets the entire time you are on the moon?

BOTH: Yes.

WILSON: In the event that you are being chased by moonrock throwing moon creatures, would you pick up moonrocks and throw them in defense or would you run back to the spacecraft screaming for your life and shut the door quickly?

NEIL: Um…probably throw moonrocks back.

BUZZ: Yeah. I would do that too.

WILSON: Okay. In the event that moon creatures are able to suction themselves onto your spacecraft with their suction-cup hands and are returning back to Earth with you, would either of you attempt to open up the spacecraft door in mid-flight and swat at them in hopes that they would fall off or leave out of frustration?

NEIL: Yes.

BUZZ: Absolutely.

WILSON: If you are on the moon and you find a cavernous moon cave and inside you come across what looks like some really expensive paintings, would you steal them so that you can make a large profit at a fancy art dealership on Earth?

NEIL: Yeah.

BUZZ: I think so, yes.

WILSON: Okay, but the art here is really heavy and hard to carry.

NEIL: Oh, well, then no.

WILSON: Would you consider having sex with a hideous space vixen?


WILSON: What if I removed the word ‘hideous’?

They both gradually capitulate.

WILSON: If you return back to Earth and find that it’s not the present day Earth but, rather, 14th Century Earth, would you attempt to get back to the 20th century or would you try to gradually settle into this world and explain your crazy moon ideas to a people who will deem you so insane that they will try and set you on fire for heresy?

BUZZ: Hmmm…

Buzz and Neil look at each other confused.

WILSON: Well, let’s skip that one for now. Neil, if Buzz was suffering from what scientists refer to as moon fever, would you shoot him even if he begged you and claimed that he didn’t actually have moon fever at all…

NASA: Um, Mr. Wilson, I can’t help but notice that none of the questions that you asked were on the preliminary list that your company sent me this morning.

WILSON: That’s because I’m not from the insurance company. (pulling a gun) I’m from the Soviet Space Program!

Scary music plays.

VOICE: Will Neil and Buzz ever make it to the moon? Tune in to next week’s episode of “Neil and Buzz’s Mission to the Moon” and find out!