Monday, July 4, 2011

Chairmen of the Board

Youtube comments for video “Guy wipes out on Skateboard LOL!”:

Hahaha! Wipeout!
Slamslam763 2 weeks ago

Ka-boom! Ohhhhman
LRODHubbard 2 weeks ago

The best part is when he crashed
Zeppelin3498 2 weeks ago

@Zeppelin3498 LMAO at no one doing anything after he crashes
zimmerhead 1 week ago

Guys this isn’t funny. This is my cousin and he’s in the hospital. He
shattered his tibia into pieces.
Sailin4Life 1 week ago

jwalk98 1 week ago

@Sailin4Life Get lost troll
zimmerhead 1 week ago

Slammmm!!! Ooohhhh gonna hurttt in the morning
Waynetreason 1 week ago

@Sailin4Life Boo-hoo!
Mellowfellow 1 week ago

Ouch! Guess he won’t be trying that again anytime soon LOL!
Duderamsey739 1 week ago

Really guys! I’m not a troll. The doctors said today that my cousin will
have an operation tomorrow but he may walk with a limp for the rest
of his life. Can someone please take this video down?
Sailin4Life 6 days ago

FU Sailin4Life!!!!!!
Sweetiepie98303  5 days ago

@Sailin4Life All I hear is blahblaha my cousin blahaha PUSSY!
Mellowfellow 4 days ago

Don’t take this video down. It’s hilaroois!!!!!
JohnLockeisJesus 4 days ago

No one listen to Sailin4Life
PantsAfire 3 days ago

This comment has received too many negative votes
Sailin4Life 2 days ago

A Likely Scenario

What if the Headless Horseman drove a public transit bus? It might go something like this:

HEADLESS HORSEMAN: That'll be $2.75 please.

MAN: (putting change into slot) Whoa, dude, you don't have a head.

HEADLESS HORSEMAN: I know. Crazy, right? By the way, I think you only put in $2.50.

MAN: How did you even get a job as a bus driver when you don't have a head?

HEADLESS HORSEMAN: I did well on the test. And the interview was good. Um, listen, about that extra twenty-five cents...

MAN: I mean, can you see the road? How can you drive?

HEADLESS HORSEMAN: It's actually not bad. I used to be a horseman. Now, listen, I'm serious. This bus isn't going to move unless you pay the full fare.

MAN: How are you even talking right now?

HEADLESS HORSEMAN: I can wait here all day.