Saturday, September 12, 2009

It Just Goes To Show Ya

There was a kid in my hometown when I was growing up, and nobody ever thought that anything would come of him.  He was a born rebel - he hated authority and authority didn't have much time for him either.  He would often come to class drunk off some stuff he found in his parents' liquor cabinet, or that was the conclusion that the teachers reached anyway.  He was the kind of kid in the neighbourhood that parents were afraid of - and he was often used as an example.  "Don't act like him," our parents would say - "he has a very troubled future ahead of him".  One day, the kid just up and disappeared, right in the middle of a church sermon on how to be serious upstanding citizens.  He disappeared for what seemed like forever, but it was probably shorter than that.  The legend has it that he was tired of taking everyone's crap - but you know how it is with legends.  He was the kid that nobody had any faith in.  But that kid grew up.  And he turned out to be just a lazy asshole who lives at the end of my street.

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