Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Adventure

While walking along the pier, I was strangely overcome with a desire to peer around the water. I soon spotted five or six people dressed as police. I watched as they combed the surroundings for evidence, called back to home base, showed me their badges, and told me to "back away from the surroundings." After a while of this, it dawned on me that these people weren't just dressed up as police. At least three of them were police!

I decided that I would heed their advice of "stepping the fuck back" after none of them would give me an autograph (talk about stuck up!!!). I then overheard one saying, "looks like we got a floater." Ew, gross, I thought. That's terrible. Who would do such a thing? However, it soon became clear that they were actually just talking about a body. What a relief!

I started to get hungry and asked if anyone had a sandwich. "We've got bigger fish to fry," they told me. That sounded pretty good so I decided to stick around but as it turns out, "fish" is just code for "dead body" and "fry" is just code for I don't know what.

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